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Turn “never thought I would” into “glad I did” with a budget-friendly tour that includes all the essentials plus a great mix of included excursions and free time. 

You’re not one to run with the crowd. But you know the value of having a local expert on your side when you need a little direction. Monograms all-in-one holiday packages are designed to include a friendly Local Host to help you get the most out of each destination!

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Cruise on Suite Ships with the widest stateroom views from your window-facing bed. Relaxed luxury flows throughout the ship in every detail plus personalise with Classic, Active, and Discovery excursions.

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Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic

Winter is coming… and in our books, that’s a good thing. Rejuvenate in the cold months when the delicious nip of cool air, cosy experiences and fewer people make travel an entirely different world. Imagine glancing through the frosted windows of the Palais d’Orsay in Paris; the red roofs of Prague covered in snow; having the boardwalks of Nice all to yourself. Throw in experiences you can’t have at any other time, like snow shoeing around Canada’s Lake Louise or rugging up on a horse-drawn sleigh ride in Scandinavia and you’ll be making stories to share for the rest of your life. Create your own stunning Globus Winter adventure.



8 days,1 Country
Tour: AI
Come gee! Come haw! Come out for Alaska’s best known sporting event. “Alaska’s Last Great Race” takes place every March as mushers bark commands to teams of sled dogs in hopes of being the first to...
7 days,1 Country
Tour: AW
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the peaceful quiet of winter, it’s also easier to hear the howl of the coyote, the scream of the bald eagle, and the distinct crunch of elk hooves trudging...

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